The Fabulous Flamingo Brothers

Formerly known as The Fabulous Pink Flamingos
(Why we changed our name)


John Hoglund

“The show is fizzy, fun and the first I’ve seen in a long, long time which didn’t have too many ballads”

Charles Bloom, Composer/Lyricist

“A winning, easy-going show”

Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

“Outstandingly original and screamingly funny”

David Finkle, New York Village Voice

“You’ll laugh, applaud, cheer and keep coming back for more”

Sandi Durell, Cabaret Scenes

“I can think of no finer investment for your Cabaret dollar”

Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online


First Appearance (2002)Last Call at the XMAS Lounge (2004)Live from The Lu'au Lounge (2005)
Revival! (2006)Live from the Lu'au Lounge (2007)Live from the Lu'au Lounge @ Birdland (2007)Revival! (2008)

The Fabulous Flamingo Brothers™ are not affiliated with The Flamingos, The Pink Flamingos, The Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Pink Flamingo Pizza, Flamingo Land, Big Bird, Converse, nor John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, starring Divine (though, we kinda wish we were). They are, however, associated with The Fabulous PInk Flamingos™, darn it!

“It’s our signature!”

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